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Thanks for dropping by to see our Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats. Please feel free to browse through our pages and view the animals.  Pruittville Farms are located in the beautiful piney-woods hill country of North Louisiana - about 50 NE of Shreveport.  This is where Tim Pruitt started with Nubians back in the 1970's as a young teen.  We are now a family farm that consists of the two Pruitt families of Tim and Timothy Pruitt.  We are assisted by James and Ruth Wilson who also live on the farm and help out with some of the farm work and are the caretaker of the farm in our absence.  Tim manages the breeding program and oversees the morning chores. Timothy and his wife Ruth take care of the evening chores.  Ruth is the daughter of Barbara Rissler of Price O The Field Nubians and is a valuable team player especially when it comes to delivery of the newborn kids. She also is an excellent showman and won both the Junior and Senior Showmanship at the ADGA Nationals in her time. Timothy and Ruth's children, Adrianna, Luke, Andrew and Katie all love to show and help with the livestock.  Adrianna won 3rd place showmanship award at the 2008 National show and in 2010 her brother Luke won 5th place showman in his division.    Pictured on the upper left corner is Katie Pruitt at 18 months old milking one of our Champion does, CH Pruittville's Sweet Gardenia.

Nubians remain our first love when it comes to Dairy Goats.  There is just something about that regal look, those long ears and roman nose that make them more than just "another goat".  Our Nubians are "Dairy Nubians". They are expected to milk well from a nicely attached mammary.   We are not on test but we do expect our Nubians to milk. After all they are "dairy" goats!   We particate in the ADGA improvement programs of linear appraisal but we will not appraise in 2012.  Here at Pruittville we put great emphasis also on General Appearance with excellent top lines, feet and legs. Our breeding program has an aim towards excellence and we have quite a few that appraise just that!!   


CH Price O The Field Sage 90EEEV; GCH Seabag Pruitt's Angela Renee 90VEEE,  GCH Pruittville's EA Strawberry 90VEEE; CH *B Pruittville’s Doctor Luke 91EEE; *B Pruittville’s Legend 92EEE; SGCH Pruittville’s Huckleberry 3*M 92EEEE; CH Pruittville’s Magnolia 92EEEE; CH Pruittville’s Nantucket 92EEEE; SGCH Pruittville's Honeysuckle 92 EEEE; GCH Pruittville's Huckberry Frost 91VEEE; GCH Pruittville's Sweet Gardenia 91VEEE; Pruittville's Applesauce 90VEVE; CH Pruittville's LG Lantana 92EEEE; GCH Pruittville's Snap Dragon 92EEEE; GCH Pruittville's Posie's Promise 91VEEE; GCH Pruittville's N/E Sugar Baby 90VEEV; CH Pruittville's N/E Razzberry 90VEVE, CH Pruittville's Caramel Corn 92EEEE, CH Pruittville's Poinsettia 91EEVE,  CH Pruittville's Java Chiller 91VEEE, CH Pruittville's Sugar Candy 90VEEE, CH Pruittville's Apollo 91EEE, Pruittville's EH Super Nitro 90VEE, Pruittville's Voyager 90VEE.    


          Herd health is important to us. We do test for CAE but no longer test for Brucellosis and TB as we are a certified free state. Thankfully, our does and bucks continue to be CAE negative for over 20 years.  Our last test was completed in July 2013 and again all were negative.  We also are blessed not to have CL.  We reserve the right to keep any kid that is needed for replacement stock.  $100 is required for a deposit on kid reservations.  If your kid is not born and another choice is not acceptable, we will refund your deposit.  That is our guarentee.  We think that you the buyer should get the kid ordered or your money back.  We will notify you upon birth and expect full payment before shipping from the Shreveport Airport at four to six weeks of age.  Buyer pays all shipping charges including the required health certificate.


          In 2013 we attended the ADGA National Show held in St. Paul, MN.   Here are a couple of the highlights:  Ch Pruittville's Java Chiller was the first place 3 year old and first udder.  She then was Reserve Best udder!   We also had the 2nd place best 3 females!  Here is our dairy herd (left to right) CH Pruittville's Caramel Corn, CH Pruittville's Poinsettia, CH Pruittville's Sugar Candy, CH Pruittville's Java Chiller.  

          The Pruitts
          Tim & Karen
Timothy, Ruth & Adrianna, Luke, Andrew & Katie


Last update 10/02/2013


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Pruittville Nubians presents our 2010 RESERVE NATIONAL JUNIOR CHAMPION

Pruittville's Gabriella
Sire: Pruittville's L/M Triumph 92EEE
Dam: SGCH Pruittville's Honeysuckle 92EEEE

Gabriella is shown by Ruth Pruitt